As recognized experts, we are often requested to speak at various locations and events throughout the world. Please visit this page regularly to find out your next opportunity to see us present on a variety of topics.

PUG Challenge Americas

The PUG Challenge Americas brings together the best speakers and topics without the marketing angle. This conference is held every year in June and always provides insight into Progress in general and OpenEdge in specific.

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The EMEA PUG Challenge is the event that started it all. Years ago, the Dutch User Group invited a number of Progress experts from around the world to present at a conference. Proven both successful and popular, it has expanded to include all of EMEA as hosts. Through dedication and hard work, the seed that was planted years ago has grown, inspiring a similar conference in the US called PUG Challenge Americas.

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White Star Software is a proud sponsor of both the Americas and EMEA PUG Challenges